The following video links are clips produced by various Israeli and international television companies that in some way relate to Messianic Jews in Israel. The links are posted on our site to show how Messianic Jews are perceived by the wider Israeli society as well as internationally. The views expressed in these clips do not reflect the opinions of the Caspari Center.


Alexander Goldberg, "The Law of Moses: is it good or evil?" (Russian)

The Law of Moses: is it good or evil? Is it relevant – and if yes, for whom and why? Is it compatible with grace?

A series of programs (in Russian) by Alec Goldberg, Israel Director of the Caspari Center, in liaison with Oasis Media, offers a fresh approach to these difficult questions which at times divide Christians and Messianic Jews. Click here to watch and listen.


Alexander Goldberg, "Money" and "Getting Rich Towards God" (Russian)

A new online series from Alec Goldberg on the subject of money from a Biblical perspective.

"Money" and "Getting Rich Towards God" are series of short sessions (in Russian) that attempt to approach financial stewardship biblically and with sensitivity.