Caspari Center has built up a collection of several hundred academic lecture recordings over the years. All the lectures have been given as part of Caspari Center's teaching ministry in Israel, and we are pleased to make this valuable resource available to a larger audience. Select recordings are available free of charge for streaming and downloading. The full collection of recordings is available at the Caspari Center library in Jerusalem.

Audio Archive

Open Lecture – 07.02.17

Subject: Mere Rhetoric? how the writer of a biblical text aimed to get his message through.

Speaker: Terho Kanervikkoaho

date: 07.02.17


Open Lecture – 13.12.16

Caspari Center – Open Lecture

Title: Catholic Jews, Catholic Gentiles and Other Jews: Over 50 Years Since Vatican II
Speaker: David Mark Neuhaus

Open Lecture – 15.11.16

Speaker: Aaron Eime
Title: Impact and influence of protestant mission in Jerusalem and the Middle East in the 19th century.


Open Lecture – 07.06.16

Title: Mikveh Messiahs Mandate
Speaker: Timothy Sigler


Open Lecture – 05.04.16

Title: Shades of Pragmatism in Halakha: A Model for Messianic Jewish Application Today
Speaker: Elliot Klayman

Open Lecture – 08.03.16

Title: Maimonides and the God of Israel – Available, Accessible, or Attainable
Speaker: Amy Downey


Open Lecture – 09.02.16

Title: The Songs of Songs: A Hasmonean Composition
Speaker: Torleif Elgvin


Open Lecture – 19.01.16

Title: The Historical Experience of Jews in Islamic Lands
Speaker: Jamie Cowen


Open Lecture – 10.11.15

Title: Jesus in the Talmud and Toledot Yeshu
Speaker: Makram Mesherky


Open Lecture – 01.09.15

Title: A literary and theological analysis of Balaam´s third oracle
Speaker: Seth Postell
Subject: Numbers 24:1-9